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In a world where everybody is CREATIVE and ORIGINAL, we believe in CREATIVITY with a PURPOSE.

We find creative solutions for growing your brand awareness and loyalty using IN-STORE ACTIVATIONS, BRANDED ACTIVATION, DIGITAL MARKETING, TRADE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS.

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The scope of brand activation is often misconstrued or confused with more general branding strategies. The confusion is understandable: building awareness and connecting to an audience is indeed the focus of most branding and marketing initiatives. brand activation for us refers to a specific campaign or event, an isolated experience with the singular purpose of driving consumer or shopper to act in favor of your brand thus elevating your brand. We aim to generate brand awareness, build lasting relationships with the target audience, and develop customer loyalty.


The core of promotion marketing changed from sampling, couponing, premiums, to integrated actions of the promotions into the overall marketing plan that includes deepening customer engagement with events, sponsorships, social media and experiences. Beyond driving trial through traditional methods, we see the value of promotions not just in physical environments at events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events but also in places that the actual buy occurs such as in grocery or department stores. Interactions in the field allow immediate purchases and to solve the logistical of reaching hundreds of stores we use the newest digital innovations.


We love shopper marketing activations, and we consider more than just tactical approaches to boosting sales by using store incentives. We see it as a powerful marketing communication that can drive shopper behavior for a desired outcome. We execute our shopper marketing activations to ensure sales impact activities (even short term) but also in alignment with your brand strategies for long term brand building purpose. We design our shopper marketing activation proposals to delivers the full potential and power of our clients brands, we succeed this also trough implementing an impactful activation and control plan, minimizing the risk of losing sales and customer conversion opportunities.


We know that the time of consumers following a straight path to their purchases are long gone. Even the new “customer journey” is constantly being challenged by innovative new technology, new generations and newer ways of buying. No matter if you are FMCG or a software-as-a service company, if your products are a considered purchase or an impulse buy, we will find innovative ways to generate revenue using e-commerce strategy’s that will be tailored to your company objectives. We can deliver marketing solutions on all areas of the collaborative planning and solutions between the product/service and the sales channel (i.e. retail, e-commerce, m-commerce, direct-to-consumer) regardless of whether your business is shoes, banking, gasoline, mattresses, fitness-as-a-service or staplers.


The growth and integration of social media into consumer marketing plans has made influencer marketing an essential component of promotion marketing. We plan and activate campaigns that aim to leverage the power of the customers that are willing to promote our clients products, thus converting other consumers. We use influencer budgets wisely, and measure the quality of customers and traffic from influencers marketing campaigns to continually improve the tactics and strategy. We help brands manage every aspect of their Influencer marketing campaigns that are implemented within a complex, rapidly-evolving ecosystem with rising levels of fraud, changing social media algorithms, and complex attribution and measurement.

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M.W Group Trade Marketing Manager SKIL Europe

Following the great success that we had in Romania, we asked for the support of D+I for other European countries such as France, Spain or even the Nordic countries. The team managed to gain height by offering us strategic marketing recommendations, support for digital or in-store promotional campaigns, and above all the development of a site dedicated to European promotions for our brand.


A.T – Senior Activation Manager MARS

My first experience with di agency was on a marketing project for one of our flagship brands for our organization. The agency brought good expertise that involeved targeting the right shoppers trough use of POSM materials and on line media. The feedback and results exceeded our previous campaign.


C.S – Coty Customer Marketing Leader

di agency has a deep knowledge of the mechanics and shopper conversion and helped us along the campaign to boost the sales and achieve our targets. For the past years we worked on different campaigns both shopper campaigns, but also social media campaigns and we collaborated very well each time.


Group Brand Manager

From my point of view, working with you is a pleasure. Because I trust and know that you are doing a good job, and even if it doesn’t turn out well at first, you work hard and in the end the project turns out perfectly. Respect the deadlines, I have no emotions that we don’t have things on time.
I know that you are reliable, hardworking and dedicated, that you are prompt and responsive to my requests. And I know that if we start a project, you will get the best out of it. You are open and proactive, you understand brands very well and you work with your soul. And I, as a customer, do not feel that you are just doing a job to make an invoice, I feel that you work with pleasure and from the heart. I like that you always come with news, with proposals for improvement, even if I don’t ask for them. And you always do more than what is asked of you.
In conclusion, I am very glad that we work together, we have a very good collaboration, I say, and this also proves the fact that we have offered you a very dear brand, which we can grow together.


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